50 Best Mac Tips You Should Know for Effective Work

The default settings do not always make everyday work with the operating system as convenient and efficient as possible. In this article, we have collected 30 useful tips for setting up macOS, which can be useful for both beginners and experienced Mac users.

The Top First 20 Tips for Effective work of your Mac

  1. The M1 processor is based on the same architecture as the A-Series processors for iPhone and iPad.
  2. This means that applications from the iPhone and iPad can now run on the M1 MacBook Air and Pro.
  3. Go to the Mac App Store, find the app you want (like Overcast or Facebook), and switch to the iPhone and iPad apps tab.
  4. Here you can select the version of the application for iPhone/iPad and install it on your Mac.
  5. Safari on the Mac has two major advantages. First, it works and “thinks” significantly faster than “Chrome”.
  6. This is noticeable both when opening pages and when interacting with complex sites and web services.
  7. Second, Safari consumes less battery power than any other browser.
  8. Only when surfing in Safari you will achieve comparable to the declared characteristics of autonomy, and Chrome will reduce it if not twice, then by a third for sure.
  9. On the side of the Finder is a panel with frequently used folders and tags.
  10. You can easily add your folders there by simply dragging and dropping them.
  11. And on the panel, you can place files. To do this, you need to drag them, as well as folders, but with the Cmd key pressed.
  12. Opens up truly endless possibilities in the matter of desktop design.
  13. With the utility, the desktop can be tiled not only with ordinary or animated images but also with three-dimensional (3D) wallpaper.
  14. Various types of static and animated images.
  15. Video files in MP4, AVI, WEBM, WMV, MKV, MV4, and MOV format.
  16. The video will be played right on the desktop under all the icons.
  17. Moreover, the video will be played with sound.
  18. This is a live wallpaper, which in the simplest case consists of two files.
  19. As the latter, both ordinary images and 3D graphics (including interactive graphics, which react, for example, to the sound reproduced by a computer), can be used.
  20. The user does not need to understand all the intricacies of live wallpaper.

Creating Your Own Wallpapers as One of the Best Mac Tips

More experienced Mac users can create their own wallpapers with any content that the program supports (including 3D and video wallpapers). To do this, the bolton tip provides a separate module with all the necessary editing tools for the graphics used in the wallpaper. But we will not consider the process of creating wallpaper, because this is a completely different topic.

By and large, Mac allows you to set two kinds of wallpapers – static (i.e. regular images) and animated (mostly video wallpapers, but you can also find interactive custom wallpapers). All the available wallpapers in the program, judging by their appearance and smoothness of the animation, were created by professional artists – just for this it, is not a pity to pay money. All of them are divided into two categories – animated and static, and those, in turn, into thematic subcategories (abstractions, holidays, animals, etc.).

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Best PS Plus Free Games

Sooner or later, every PS4 owner visits the PlayStation Store and starts looking at free games. Sony’s library is regularly expanding to include many worthwhile projects that you don’t have to pay for. But as you know, free cheese is only in a mousetrap, so among the hundreds of games, only a few are really worthy of attention. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best free PlayStation Store projects you can spend your time on, not money.

Top Best Three Games for PS


A fighting game that brings to mind the Super Smash Bros. In Brawlhalla, first of all, you also need to throw your opponent out of the arena, and not beat him (although this is also possible). It lacks the inherent depth of Super Smash Bros. and the same amount of content and characters, but it’s still a pretty cool game – much better than you’d expect from a “free SSB clone”.

2. Operation: Tango (PS5).

The first free-to-play game for PS Plus and PlayStation 5 subscribers in June 2021 will be the spy adventure Operation: Tango. It takes two to save the world in this co-op spy adventure. Team up with your friend as an Agent or a Hacker – you will only support voice communication – and together get rid of the global cyber threat.

3. Hollow Knight.

One of the best free ps plus projects to come out thanks to Kickstarter. In this game, we take on the role of a little knight who has to overcome the infected kingdom, fight unique bosses and meet memorable characters. This is a great platformer that deserves attention even for those who don’t usually play such games.

How Do Clients Work to Download Games?

Installing games on a computer from optical discs is the last century (with the exception of collector’s editions). Today, almost all games can be downloaded from the Internet, and we are not talking about using torrent trackers, hubs, and other types of P2P networks with pirated content. There are special clients in which it is easy to find a game to your liking, download, and install it, all in automatic mode.

Game client software is a digital catalog listing all games available for download. There are two types of such clients – services/stores similar to mobile devices (App Store, Google Play), where games from numerous developers are presented. The second type is software clients through which games are distributed from a particular developer (and his few partners).

Unfortunately, not all games available for download through such programs are free, but all are legal and licensed. Free games can be found abound, although they are often either outdated or contain in-game purchases (especially when it comes to online games).

At the first start, the program will ask you to enter your login and password from your personal account. You can register for the service on the website or directly through the client using the appropriate function (the “Create a new account” button).

To download the game, just click on its name/banner. If it is paid, you will have to pay the required amount first, but there are tons of free games on Steam. Expand the “Games” menu, and in it select “Free”. All available free games can be additionally filtered by category. To do this, scroll down the current page a little until you see the by-label block on the left side of it. Choose the genre that suits you best.

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UFO VPN Review 2021

Currently, there are many options for implementing VPN networks for different purposes, so consumers of this product are faced with the difficult question of choosing the necessary VPN architecture that will meet the requirements for information security in these networks. In order to choose the right architecture, you need to understand the principles of operation, construction, and differences in the operation of different implementations of VPN.

Is It Recommended to Use UFO VPN?

Nowadays, the use of remote access via VPN between geographically dispersed resources is gaining ground. This issue is also important in business process automation departments. Computer networks need a VPN server that will allow users to use all the resources of a privately protected network over public networks. A VPN can also be used to increase the security of data transmission on the internal network by reducing the possibility of leakage or theft of information transported over the Internet.

Connecting to ufo vpn from a remote user is trying to get access to an additional server, such as connecting to the internal, and to the last (out-of-the-box) hedge. When an identified remote control is connected (or, when installing a stolen hedge), the server is accessed through the identification process, and then during the authentication process.

Before you start setting up a VPN, you need to familiarize yourself with common terminology and some setup issues. UFO technology can encrypt all actions of a user or employee of the organization on the Internet. All data that the user sends and receives. If the user logs in only through a VPN, the attacker will not understand from which address the user is connected to the source and will see only one of the many VPN routers.

An important factor in any data transmission is information security. Today it is one of the most important components of the system administrator’s work. And the larger the company’s network, the more opportunities the offender has to intercept information, the greater the security of the company’s channels. Therefore, the creation of virtual private computer networks, the use of information encryption technology is an important technical task.

The Main Peculiarities of UFO VPN

The advantage of UFO VPN technology is that the organization of remote access is not done over a telephone line, but over the Internet, which is much cheaper and better. To organize remote access to a private network using VPN technology, you only need the Internet and a valid IP address. And any user from any corner of the globe will be able to log in to the network if he knows the IP address, log in, and password


  • VPN server worldwide.
  • Connect to a secure WiFi hotspot.
  • Change the country with one touch.
  • Hide your IP and remain anonymous.
  • Unblock all sites and apps.
  • Watch streaming content.
  • No logs, no monitoring.
  • Support for 5 devices.
  • Multiple protocols.

VPN has a number of economic advantages over other remote access methods. Having access to the Internet, any user can easily connect to the office network of his company. It should be noted that the general availability of data does not mean their insecurity. VPN security is an armor that protects all corporate information from unauthorized access.

First of all, the information is transmitted in encrypted form. Only the owner of the key to the cipher can read the received data. Authentication involves verifying the integrity of the data and identifying the users involved in the VPN.

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