50 Best Mac Tips You Should Know for Effective Work

The default settings do not always make everyday work with the operating system as convenient and efficient as possible. In this article, we have collected 30 useful tips for setting up macOS, which can be useful for both beginners and experienced Mac users.

The Top First 20 Tips for Effective work of your Mac

  1. The M1 processor is based on the same architecture as the A-Series processors for iPhone and iPad.
  2. This means that applications from the iPhone and iPad can now run on the M1 MacBook Air and Pro.
  3. Go to the Mac App Store, find the app you want (like Overcast or Facebook), and switch to the iPhone and iPad apps tab.
  4. Here you can select the version of the application for iPhone/iPad and install it on your Mac.
  5. Safari on the Mac has two major advantages. First, it works and “thinks” significantly faster than “Chrome”.
  6. This is noticeable both when opening pages and when interacting with complex sites and web services.
  7. Second, Safari consumes less battery power than any other browser.
  8. Only when surfing in Safari you will achieve comparable to the declared characteristics of autonomy, and Chrome will reduce it if not twice, then by a third for sure.
  9. On the side of the Finder is a panel with frequently used folders and tags.
  10. You can easily add your folders there by simply dragging and dropping them.
  11. And on the panel, you can place files. To do this, you need to drag them, as well as folders, but with the Cmd key pressed.
  12. Opens up truly endless possibilities in the matter of desktop design.
  13. With the utility, the desktop can be tiled not only with ordinary or animated images but also with three-dimensional (3D) wallpaper.
  14. Various types of static and animated images.
  15. Video files in MP4, AVI, WEBM, WMV, MKV, MV4, and MOV format.
  16. The video will be played right on the desktop under all the icons.
  17. Moreover, the video will be played with sound.
  18. This is a live wallpaper, which in the simplest case consists of two files.
  19. As the latter, both ordinary images and 3D graphics (including interactive graphics, which react, for example, to the sound reproduced by a computer), can be used.
  20. The user does not need to understand all the intricacies of live wallpaper.

Creating Your Own Wallpapers as One of the Best Mac Tips

More experienced Mac users can create their own wallpapers with any content that the program supports (including 3D and video wallpapers). To do this, the bolton tip provides a separate module with all the necessary editing tools for the graphics used in the wallpaper. But we will not consider the process of creating wallpaper, because this is a completely different topic.

By and large, Mac allows you to set two kinds of wallpapers – static (i.e. regular images) and animated (mostly video wallpapers, but you can also find interactive custom wallpapers). All the available wallpapers in the program, judging by their appearance and smoothness of the animation, were created by professional artists – just for this it, is not a pity to pay money. All of them are divided into two categories – animated and static, and those, in turn, into thematic subcategories (abstractions, holidays, animals, etc.).

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